==== README ==== This is a qemu image of Freakware 0.4, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware 3.6, put together by Freaknet Medialab in 1999, and released in 2017 (yes, about 18 years after it was conceived). == USAGE == 1) Download the image: freakware_qemu.img.xz whose SHA256 is: 17a065fc13e43df65885361e119b94a1f2cd7460697827c4aeae620cb40db7eb freakware_qemu.img.xz 2) Decompress it using: unxz freakware_qemu.img.xz to obtain the file freakware_qemu.img 3) start it in qemu, using: qemu-system-i386 -cpu pentium2 -enable-kvm -hda freakware_qemu.img -boot c -m 64M This will emulate a Pentium 2 with 64Mb of RAM, using kvm. 4) Once the machine boots, login using the "root" account, without password. 5) Have fun HH KatolaZ