2018-05-03 KatolaZ * setnet.sh: fixed a bug in essid management * added "EXIT" button in deep windows * added config option "SUPPRESS_INFO" to remove useless notifications * added config option "SHOW_LO" to hide loopback devices * Renamed fields in wifi cert configuration * Updated manpage 2017-03-08 KatolaZ * setnet.sh (wifi_restart_wpa): Corrected a bug in the restart of wpa_supplicant. 2017-03-07 KatolaZ * setnet.sh (check_deps): Corrected a small bug in the parsing of options 2017-01-29 KatolaZ * setnet.sh: * removed "Load file" and "New File" in WiFi configuration 2017-01-23 KatolaZ * setnet.sh: * fixed a few minors bugs 2017-01-20 KatolaZ * setnet.sh (0.3): * implemented check of running shell * implemented workaround for zsh -- now fully supported * added chk_out and chk_exit * all direct commands (e.g., ip, wpa_cli) are now checked * added support for EAP/PEAP * added support for EAP/TLS 2017-01-07 KatolaZ * setnet.sh (configure_device): Improved wifi detection (netdiag_ping), (netdiag_traceroute),(netdiag_query): changed dialog to programbox * solved viasualitation bug in ip config * added a manpage * Added configuration variable "WIFI_DEVICES" * The "Setup interface" menu has been reorganised * added "Config IP Address" and "Manage Wifi Networking"